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Branding Innovation

What Do You Want Learn?

Only the first three questions are required.


Please weight what you want to learn.

You have a total of 10 points to distribute amongst the ten items below. Give more points to what interests you the most, and 0 points to stuff you don't care to see. They must all add up to 10.

How to develop a brand campaign
How to brand websites & blogs
How to build a brand through word-of-mouth
How to plan, manage and monitor a brand
How to create an overall brand experience
How to build a brand with advertising
How to create a brand promise, position, and personality
How to brand applications and packaging
How to select a name, tagline, logo, style for a brand
How to build a brand at events
Values must add up to 10

As above, please allocate 10 points on the areas that interest you the most

Branding and Social Media
Branding and Software
Branding and Mobile
Branding and Non-profit/Pro-social Enterprise
Branding and Entertainment/Gaming
Branding and Energy/Cleantech
Branding and Networks
Branding and Medtech/Life Science
Branding and New Services
Branding and Cars 2.0
Values must add up to 10
Are you part of the MaRS Community
Are there any other subjects you would like to see that concern innovation, brand development and brand marketing? Or things that you don't want to see? Please let us know.
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501+ people
Branding innovation - Blog Survey
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